This Cutting-Edge Technology Will Give You
Great Insight Into How Your Top People
Think And Revolutionize the Way
You Lead Your Organization

Monday, 10/22/2018

From the Desk of Jeffrey Putnam,

Do you ever wonder why you lead the way you do, why you believe what you believe or how your thinking and the thoughts of your executive team is impacting the performance of your company?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a popular topic in recent years, but most great corporate leaders have always understood that an endless pursuit of greater self-awareness is critical to peak performance.

This is true now, more than ever.

It isn't technical skill, but rather, emotional intelligence that becomes most important at the upper rungs of the corporate ladder. All other things being equal, your people skills (or lack of them) become more pronounced the higher up you go.

Who would you rather have as a CFO?

A moderately good accountant who is great with people and skilled at managing others?


A brilliant accountant who's inept with others and alienates all the smart people around him?

It's really not a tough choice.

Whether you're here to gain insights into how to become a more effective leader yourself, or you have others at the top of your organization who need to improve their EQ, the information here will be extremely useful.

Since 2008 I've seen a major shift among leaders of companies large and small.

The sudden change in the economic climate has created a great deal of fear and a large percentage of leaders have learned to make all the "right" decisions in favor of the "best" decisions for themselves and their companies.

After more than a 25 years of studying success and having personally coached hundreds of senior professionals, one thing has become crystal clear.

Virtually All Problems Are Communication Problems. And many leaders avoid them.

Virtually all problems are rooted in communication. Most of the obstacles to greater success are due to the communication between you and you. The rest are between you and others.

Odds are you and your people spend less than five percent of your time focused on our communication and instead, put almost all of it into the mechanics of your business, staying busy.

Over time, this erodes your ability to adapt quickly to a changing business environment. It certainly doesn't help the synergy of your executive team either.

Great communication is key to the success and longevity of any great organization. It's the difference between an excellent company and an outstanding one.

Most executives tend to get drawn into urgent matters, usually brought to them by others. Some talk about leadership development, but others in the company view it as a "flavor of the month" approach, rather than a real commitment to synergistic growth.

As a leader at the top of your organization, it must begin with you.

What's best for you and your company can most easily be found by knowing yourself and others better. The tool you'll learn about on this page will propel you forward like nothing you've ever seen before. The process begins with knowing where you are, in your thinking.

Introducing: The MindScan™

Our tool, the MindScan™, will propel you further and has the potential to cultivate more synergy than any other technology.

A culture of greater synergy and clearer thinking are the keys to achieving the next level of success you want, regardless of where you are now.

Great leaders are very well acquainted with themselves. Most are emotionally neutral. They have very clear intentions and little resistance to what they're getting now.

The MindScan™ will objectively measure how your thinking is impacting your current performance (and the performance of your top people), and clarify what improvements are needed to break through to the next level.

Sometimes the MindScan™ can make all the difference on its own.

Read what one client said about the changes to his executive team even before we discussed executive coaching for them:

"Jeff is an amazing individual who has the ability to look into the heart and soul of each individual he touches. In fact, myself and the other five members of my executive team went through the MindScan assessment and review process with Jeff and we were able to see significant positive changes in how each of us interacts with the rest of the group. These benefits were achieved before even considering Jeff's executive coaching services. There were significant positive changes in personality and behavior that, quite frankly, I was never able to fully manifest on my own as the CEO. This is truly amazing stuff."
~ Bill Kuplen, CEO, Alcom Printing Inc.

The first step is to begin to pay more attention to yourself, to how you communicate with yourself and your people. For once, start giving yourself permission to put yourself at the top of the to-do list.

This may be the exact "opposite" to what you've been doing. Most people put the majority of their focus on the mechanics (the doing) and little attention on the being (who they are) and what's really "best" for them.

Secondly, having coached hundreds of professionals it has become clear that in order to get where you want to go, you must be clear about where you are.

If you want to get to Chicago, it would be a good idea to know if you're starting out from Miami or
Los Angeles, right?

The MindScan™ is a breakthrough assessment tool like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Developed by Dr. Robert S. Hartman (nominated for the Nobel Prize in Formal Axiology), the MindScan™ measures your thinking and is the only tool of its kind.

The MindScan™, while surprisingly short and simple, is remarkable in its ability to objectively measure your thoughts. Unlike other assessments, the MindScan™ doesn't categorize you or describe your personality.

Rather, it identifies your precise thought patterns to determine how your thinking is supporting or interfering you in your decision-making as a leader at your company.

Let's face it. The actions you choose to take will determine the results you get.

Understanding your own thinking is the first step toward choosing the actions that will lead your company where you want it to go.

The MindScan™ will help you see what your mind is up to. When others at the top of your organization take the MindScan™, everyone will begin to understand one another better.

When providing executive coaching to leaders, I often have all members of the executive team lay their MindScan™ profile charts out on the table and we use them to begin the conversation about how each of them functions. It's a fascinating process and always well received.

Here's the challenge. It's often difficult to see your own issues. Even with a detailed report about your thinking, you have to interpret it.

Odds are, you won't be able to get the full value alone because your own thinking will inhibit your ability to see the report for what it really is. That's where I come in.

Great executive coaching is not about giving advice. It's about helping you find what's "best" for
. A skilled coach will ask you carefully crafted questions and guide you through processes to help you find and become your "best."

I don't pretend to know what's "best" for you or anyone else. But I can direct you so you can discover it for yourself.

Help reviewing your MindScan
™ profile is a great place to start.

When you choose to take the MindScan™ you'll be given an opportunity to experience ninety minutes of one-on-one coaching with me.

After you take the MindScan™ I'll review it with you in detail so you can see precisely how your thinking is impacting your performance, success and fulfillment as a leader.

If others on your team take the profile, I'll review theirs with them.

Often, the President or CEO requests the MindScan™ for themselves, which, after experiencing the value of the process, leads them to invite others to take the assessment as well.

In fact, their experience with the MindScan™ and private review session is often used as a way to start the conversation with challenging members of their executive team. We make it safe for leaders to tell the truth about how they're contributing to the problem.

You can't control your thinking (or the thinking of others), but you can learn to influence it much more and become deeply aware of who you are and what's "best" for you and your company.

During the review session, I'll also help you develop an action plan so you can start getting more predictable results right away. Please understand. I'm not an advice giver. But I am highly skilled at bringing the best out of you as a leader in your organization.

That said, please also understand, the MindScan™ is reserved for growth-oriented top professionals serious about significant performance enhancement and accelerated vision achievement.

This is not a toy. If you are simply curious, the MindScan™ definitely is not for you.

If you're really ready to understand your thinking like never before and to take the necessary steps to propel your company to the next level, call us or click below to take the MindScan™ now.

Almost all of my business is by referral at this point and I work only with a carefully selected clientele.

That said, I love what I do.

I only do a few MindScan™ reviews a week between calls with my existing clients. Hence this offer.

Great coaching does not have to be sold. So if you're worried about a hard sell during your MindScan™ review, let me put your mind at ease.

I'm very careful about choosing clients and it's mostly a gut decision for me.

That said, it's always a pleasure to meet new people and help them understand how their thinking impacts their performance.

Just know that when you decide to take the MindScan™ and schedule a confidential review session, you'll be treated with the highest respect and care.

I'll take you by the hand and carefully guide you to greater clarity about who you are and what's truly best for you and your company.

People don't care so much about what you do. They care why you do it.

I'm an executive coach because it's who I am and nothing gives me more pleasure than helping other leaders awaken to who they are and what's really possible for them.

As I said, I'm not big on advice. I'm interested in what works, what's useful for you.

Your confidential MindScan™ review call will give you a chance to experience how a highly skilled executive coach can help you find your way, without the stress of a high-pressure sales presentation.

Those who have experienced the MindScan™ have universally found it to be a deeply satisfying, fun and productive experience.

Take a look at what others are saying about the MindScan™ and our executive coaching services:

"From our first meeting, I knew that Jeff was the one I would recommend as a Senior Executive Coach. He used the Mind Scan as the foundation for our initial conversation. At first, I thought this '20 Minutes to Complete Assessment' was a pretty remarkable tool. Then, as I listened to Jeff's interpretation of my profile, I knew the greatest value of our meeting was his direct and insightful coaching skills. He is remarkably talented and I was able to apply some of his suggestions immediately - very powerful. I connected with him right away and will, with confidence, highly recommend him and the Mind Scan to other corporate officers and directors of human resources. Fantastic!"
~ Nancy Rudzek Executive Director, Human Resources, National Cattlemen's Beef Association

After you take the MindScan™ you'll receive a 20-22 page report that details your degree of clarity in numerous dimensions of thinking, as well as your attentiveness to each dimension.

In other words, the MindScan™ will pinpoint areas in which you tend to over focus as well as areas in which opportunities may be currently invisible to you.

There are amazing opportunities right in front of you that are perfect for you and your company, but your thinking may be keeping you from seeing them.

If you really want greater success and fulfillment, you must do the opposite of most people and start at the beginning. Start by gaining insight into how you think. Understand where you are now.

Take the MindScan™ when you have 10 to 20 minutes of uninterrupted time. You'll simply drag and drop two lists of words and phrases into order from best to worst.

When finished, you'll receive an email with a brief overview of your profile highlighting your top strengths and potential obstacles to your peak performance.

Once you've taken the MindScan™, Call Me and schedule your confidential session to review your profile with me. We'll get you scheduled as soon as possible.

Note: I'm a seasoned professional with 12+ years experience, specifically in the area of Executive Peak Performance. Your private telephone review session will be deeply rewarding, productive and enjoyable. I promise.

If you're serious about creating greater synergy in your organization through enhanced Emotional Intelligence for yourself and your top people, there is nothing like the MindScan™ and a confidential review session with a seasoned executive coach to move the ball down the field.

So here's your big chance. You can continue to do what you've always done, and expect the same results you've always gotten.

Or you can take a new approach. You can put yourself first, determine where you are in your thinking, focus on your own communication and begin down a path toward greater clarity and self-awareness. I hope you'll choose the latter.

What's really "best" for you? Only you can know that the time is right, that this is what you need and that you should move forward.

I can't know it for you.

Just ask yourself, "What's really best for me right now?"

My only hope is that you listen to and trust your own answer.

It starts here. It starts now. I look forward to meeting you.


CEO, Freedom By Design, Inc.
(828) 676-0019

P.S. The MindScan™ is breakthrough technology like no other. Get ready to get clear about how to get propel your company forward by knowing yourself like never before.

P.P.S. If you'd like to inquire with me before taking the MindScan™, feel free to call my office anytime.